Sylvanian Families & Calico Critters


Hazelwood Mice

Flair “School Field Trip Set”.

These figures were also available in Flair “Hilltop Manor”, below.

Flair “Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel”, item no. 4513. Flair Epoch Sylvanian Families picture.                                


Bazil Hazelwood was in Flair “Bazil & Suzette Bakery Set”. These two figures are now available in Flair “Regency Hotel”, below.



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Betty Hazelwood is available in Flair “Betty’s Toy Box”.

( Item no.4036, 2010 U.K. Flair catalogue.  )

( Item no.4839. U.K. Flair catalogue. )


Thistlethorn Mice


( Lester, Chester, Willow, Prissy, yellow clothed Baby Boy )



Twitch Hazelwood ( above ) is an able “sea mouse” and he works on the ship of Captain Horatio Seadog. He was available in Flair “Captain’s Crew” set, with Murky Waters, the Cabin Boy, and Beaky, the First Mate.



Twitch Hazelwood

Captain’s Crew

( Item no.4359, 2003 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

( Item no.4066, 2001 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

Babies, Barry and Heather,

were sold separately with crib and bottle,

by “Flair”.

Thistlethorn Mouse Family “Tomy” 1987.

( 2000 Epoch Co. Ltd U.K. catalogue. )

The Thistlethorn Mouse Family by “Tomy”, above with one of its three Babies, was released for the first time in 1985. The Thistlethorns were one of the very first Sylvanian Families.

The second version by “Flair”, below, is more recent, but discontinued anyway.

Thistlethorn Mouse Family “Flair” 2001.

Flair “Sylvanian Families Hilltop Manor”, item no. 4839, now discontinued.

Flair Epoch Sylvanian Families picture.                                


Mice 1

Betty Hazelwood was available in Flair “Betty’s Toy Box” (above on the left).

Masie Hazelwood is available in Flair “Washing day” set (below on the left).

Evie Hazelwood is available in Flair “Evie’s Sleepover” set (above on the right).

Masie Hazelwood

Masie next to Betty Hazelwood

Evie Hazelwood

Image coming on next update

Flair “Sylvanian Families Washing Day Set”, item no. 4449, 2012.



Meadows Mice


( Harvey, Jack, Maisie, Jess, Twins Harvey & Jess )





( Ref. no. 4391, 2012 Flair catalogue. )

The newest Meadows Baby, from a “Carry Case” by “Flair”.

(UK, US)

Meadows Postman from the “Post Office” Set by “Tomy”. Meadows Twins by U.K. “Tomy”.

( Item no. 4449, 2012 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

( Item no.3004, no.3008, Tomy catalogue. )

( Item no.3408, 1995 Tomy America Inc. catalogue. )

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