Sylvanian Families & Calico Critters

The Babies

were sold separately with crib and bottle.


Hawthorne Hamsters


( Rusty, Harry, Tillie, Cinnamon, Twins Cheap and Peaches )


( Item# CC1532, 2005/2007 International Playthings, Inc “Calico Critters” catalogue. )


UK: Hamilton Hamsters


( George, Huckleberry, Hilda, Jane, Baby Neil, Baby Christine )


US: Hawthorne Hamsters

( There is a version of these Hamsters by “Calico Critters Int. Playthings” released in US and called Hawthorne Hamsters that is the same as the “Sylvanian Families Flair” Hamilton Hamster Family version in the picture below. Then there is the “Calico Critters” Hawthorne Hamster Family versions shown in this page )


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“Calico Critters” Hawthorne Twins, Baby Boy Chip and Baby Girl Peaches, were sold in their own box.

( Item# CC1533, 2005/2007 International Playthings, Inc “Calico Critters” catalogue. )


The Hamilton Hamsters “Flair” second version ( picture above ) was from 2010/2012 “Flair” catalogue, and now discontinued.

The first release (picture below, now discontinued) is slightly different from the second one because of Brother George and Sister Jane’s clothes.

The Hamsters were released for the first time in Japan around 2003, and this version was very similar to the one in the picture here below.




In the pictures above the “Calico Critters” Hawthorne Hamsters. This is the version with the light brown coloured bodies and blue and green clothes(2005/2007). But two other different versions of “Calico Critters” Hawthorne Hamsters were released, all of them numbered as item no.1532, and now discontinued: light brown coloured bodies with pink clothes, on 2008, and milk coloured bodies and pink clothes ( as “Flair” Hamilton Hamsters second version ), maybe on 2008/2009.

(Moreover the Mother figure in the first picture above has a darker dress than the same figure in the picture below, that has a even if they came from two identical boxes).


Kirstie Hamilton


( Ivy Cottage, item no. 4932, 2005/2006 Flair catalogue. )


Above in the middle the first version brothers, on their sides the second version ones.

Below Kirstie Hamilton, with Jester the pony and the “Show Jumping set”, 2011.

Hamilton Hamsters “Flair” second and last version.

Hamilton Hamsters “Flair” first version.




at home


(UK, US)

Mother’s lighter dress version.

Mother’s darker dress version.


Goldbacke Hamsters


( Nick, Frank, Nora, Emma, Baby Boy Micki, Twins Nibbles and Flitz )


Image coming on next update

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