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Who are Sylvanians?

Sylvanian Families ( and Calico Critters ) are a range of little figures that feature animals ( wild or domestic ) grouped into families, with nice faces and beautiful little dresses. They’re 8 cm tall. In each family there are usually four or more characters, that live in their make believe country named “Sylvania”.

They have amazing houses, such as little cottages, which are cheaper, or wonderful manors with many rooms.

The furniture you can use in the houses is beautifully designed and detailed, as all the items of this range. They often seem to be a mix between “manga style” and “old english style”.

Sylvanian Families were first introduced in Japan by “Epoch” in 1985. They’re now available in many Countries and new items and figures are introduced every year. In Italy Sylvanian Families are distributed by “L’Orsomago”. In the United Kingdom they were distributed by “Tomy” in 1987/99; then by “Flair”, ( subsidiary of “Giochi Preziosi SpA” ), in 1999/2013; and now by “Epoch”. In North America they’re called “Calico Critters” and are distributed by “International Playthings LLC” from 1999.

Because of the little pieces into the items, Sylvanian Families are right only for at least 4 years old children. ( But really more grown up collectors often seem to like them very much, in many countries of the world ).

Little girls can have hours of play with Sylvanian Families, but sometimes little boys like to play with them too. In this case Sylvanians are usually quickly under attack by hungry dinosaurs or Gormiti’s earthquakes.

Who are Sylvanians?

Sylvanian Families Hamster Babies

( Please note : the dolls in the pictures of this Web Site are NOT for sale. In the “Link” page

there are info about few of the many addresses where it is possible to buy Sylvanian Families. )

Whiskers Twins                                                                             

Italian Catalogue 2012

Casa Albero Asilo Nido ( art. n. 2649 ) ( = Fairy Tree  House Set by Epoch JPN )

Saint Jhon’s School

Trunk Elephants

Some pictures by Epoch and Flair:

Epoch Sylvanian Families Pictures

Epoch Sylvanian Families Pictures

Epoch Sylvanian Families Pictures

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