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JP Special and Limited Edition Index

“Kindergarten Students Set”


“Sheep Students Set”


“Little Princesses Set”


“Sylvanian Hall Set”


“Exchange Students” Panda


“Exchange Students” Polar Bears



Maroon Dogs UL


Brown  Dogs UL                   


Ivory Dogs UL


Ochre Dogs UL


Cream Cats UL


Grey Cats UL 

“Doll of the Year 2003”


Kimono Set 20th Anniversary


Kimono Set 25th Anniversary


Epoch 50th Anniversary Couple







“Wildflower” Summer Sister

“Wildflower” Autumn Sister

“Wildflower” Winter Sister

“Wildflower” Spring Sister





Momoiro=Pink (“Strawberry”)

                            Limited JP Club Edition Family


Milk Family 20th Anniversary

                                Limited Edition 2004                     


Pink Cottontail “Sparkle”

                          Limited JP Club Edition Family


Pink Cottontail

                Mother and Sister


Pink Cottontail Baby and Twins

                                 from Japanese Club


White Rabbits

           “New Baby Set”, “First Birthday Set” Baby, Sister



Figures from buildings sets:


“JP Courtyard Restaurant” Chocolate Mother and Sister

Chocolate Sister and Baby

“JP Lakeside Lodge” Milk Sister

“JP Riverside Lodge” Milk Sister and Baby

“Cakeshop Gift Edition” Milk Sister



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