Sylvanian Families & Calico Critters

UK: Dale Sheep

( Winton, Ewan, Barbara, Iona,

Baby Girl Emma, sitting Baby Girl from “carry case”,Twins Shona and Sean )


US: Lambrook Sheep


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UK, US: Pettyfur Guiena Pigs


( Andrew, Peter, Penny, Nicola, Baby Boy Simon, Baby Girl Lindsay )





( Item no. 4147, 2009 Flair catalogue. )

Simon Baby Boy (left),

Lindsay Baby Girl (right).



“Calico Critters” Lambrook Twins,

Sean and Shona.



Above three “Flair” Sheep figures:

Grandparents, Wesley and Dove Dale;

Aunt Wendy Dale, from the “Farm Vegetable Pacth and Figure” set.

Sheep were released for the first time in 2005 in Japan and then in U.K. in 2006.





( Item no. 4769, (2010) 2011 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

( Item no. 4758, (2010) 2011 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

Calico Critters Patty and Paden’s Double Stroller Set.



Domestic Animals

UK: Buttercup Cows


( Paddock, Hornbull, Daisy, Annabell,

Baby Cheddar, Twins Leny and Sally, Grandparents Angus and Bessy )


US, IT: Friesian Cows


( Patch, Leo, Daisy, Betsy )


( Item no. 4167, 2010 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

( Item no. 4753, 2011 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

( Item no. 4168, 2009 U.K. Flair catalogue. Left.)

( Item no. 4169, 2009 U.K. Flair catalogue. Right.)

Few Horses from Sylvanian Families Sets


( “Dapple” the steed, “Jester” the horse, “Blacksocks” the steed )




“Dapple” the steed, on the left, is from U.K. Flair “Farm Horse and Cart” set, item no.4757, with Uncle Penleigh Buttercup ( picture below on the left ).

“Jester”, in the middle, is from U.K. Flair “Sylvanian Games Show Jumping Set”, with Kirstie Hamilton.

“Blacksocks”, on the right, is from Epoch set “Carretto con Pony” ( “Cart with pony” ), item no.2785 from the 2012 Italian catalogue Bob Blackberry ( picture above, behind the horses, and picture on the right below ).

It is the same of the set distributed by Flair, called “Farmer’s Cart and Pony”, item no.4482, now discontinued because of the release of Flair no.4757.

Flair no.4757

Epoch no.2785

( Item no.4757, 2011 U.K. Flair catalogue. )


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