Sylvanian Families & Calico Critters

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Sylvanian Families Berry Grove School” from Flair catalogue, item no.4413.

Flair Epoch Sylvanian Families picture.



Flair “Sylvanian Families Dinner Lady & Lollipop Man”, item no.4418.

Flair Epoch Sylvanian Families picture.


Sylvanian Families Bikes & Pic-nic Set”, from 2009 Flair catalogue item no.4711.

It is the same as the “Sylvanian Families Set pic-nic con due biciclette”, (2011) 2013 Epoch Italian catalogue item no.2230.

Flair Epoch Sylvanian Families picture.


( Roxy and Baden: set no. 4711, 2009 U.K. Flair catalogue. Eric: set no. 4418, 2009 U.K. Flair catalogue. The Sister is a U.K. Collector’s Club Gift Figure. )


Mikaela and Renee, 2011. They are a gift of the U.K. Collectors Club on when you join it .

Renard Fox Babies,

Danny and Carrie.                                              

Mrs Roxy Renard and her son Baden are available in Epoch “Sylvanian Families Bikes & Pic-nic Set”.

Pic-nic set is also in the italian catalogue Original Sylvanian Families Epoch 2014.

Mr Eric Renard works in Berry Grove School and he was available in Flair “Sylvanian Families Dinner Lady & Lollipop Man”, with Mrs Dorothy Patches.

Renard’s daughter Mikaela is a cheerleader at this school with her friend Renee Sparkle.

Renard Foxes were released for the first time in 1995 by Tomy.



The version of the Renard Fox Family with the sister in pink gown was exclusive to Hong Kong and Singapore. The sister from the 1999 U.K. version has a blue gown, as the Fox Sister from the “Teacher and Students Set”, above, that was from an old “School with Library” release.

( Item no. 4057, 2003 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

Renard Foxes

( Item no. 3405, 1995 Tomy catalogue. )


On the left above there is Roxy Renard who was one of the older Renard Foxes, from the 1995 U.K. Tomy “Interior Designer Set”.

The brown lines on the face from the eyes to the nose are slightly different and shorter from the lines of more modern Renard Foxes.

In the picture above on the right there are the Roxy Renard 2009 version, on the left side, next to Roxy Renard 1999 version, more refined, on the right side.

Picture below, from left to right: Roxy Renard 1995, 1999, 2009.




Renard Foxes


( Baden, Eric, Roxy, Mikaela )




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