Sylvanian Families & Calico Critters

Pink Cottontail Rabbits exclusive from four EU jigsaws



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( Item no. 1470, 2012 Epoch Co. Ltd catalogue. )

Hopkins Champagne Rabbits


( Roger, Don, Adrianne, Rosa, Triplet Nicholas, Crystal, Lauren )



Ochre Rabbits



(UK, EU)

( Item no. 1471, 2012 Epoch Co. Ltd catalogue. )

Rabbits 2

These Rabbits were included in four different boxes of Sylvanian Families themed puzzles, each one with its peculiar jigsaw.

Image coming on next update

Epoch “Sylvanian Families Farmer’s Cart and Pony”, item no.2785 from(2011) 2012 Epoch Italian catalogue.

It is the same as the Flair item no.4482.

Epoch Sylvanian Families picture.                                                          

Epoch “Sylvanian Families Betty’s juice bar”, item no.2792,

(2011) 2012 Epoch Italian catalogue.

It is the same as the Flair item no.4478.

Epoch Sylvanian Families picture.                                                    

Epoch/Flair “Sylvanian Families Ingrid’s camping set”, item no.2210,

(2011) 2012 Epoch Italian catalogue. It is the same as the Flair item no.4868.

Flair Epoch Sylvanian Families picture.                                

Flair “Sylvanian Families Yvette’s Rowing boat and accessories”, item no.4710, 2010 Flair catalogue.

Flair Epoch Sylvanian Families picture.

Flair Sylvanian Games “Winners Set” :

cousin Suraya Blackberry,

cousin Jocelyn Springer,

cousin Adam Maces.

Blackberry Rabbits are also in Italian catalogue Original Sylvanian Families Epoch (2011) 2013 ( except for “Rowing baot and accessories” and the Baby Boy, 2010 Flair catalogue only ).

Below picures from 2012 Italian Original Sylvanian Families catalogue and from original boxes.

Columbus Rabbits

( Tristan, Lawrence, Morgan, Doris, Baby Girl Nessie )

Anniversary Celebration Set to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sylvanian Families in the UK



A family like this was released in Japan in 2009 for a Japanese Sylvanian Store only, and it was called Seabreeze Rabbit Family.

Baby boy was available in “Rainbow Nursery Figures Set”, below.


( Item no.4508, 2010 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

Blackberry Rabbits


( Bob, Yvette, Baby Boy, Ingrid, Betty )


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