Sylvanian Families & Calico Critters

( Item no. 4766, 2010 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

UK: Springer Kangaroos


( Bruce, Sheila, Joanne, Baby Boy Joey, Twins Joseph & Josephine )



IT: Canguri


US: Hopper Kangaroos ( Int. Playthings CC no.1460 )


( Richie, Sandy, Isabella, Baby Girl Katie )




Billabong Koala


( Clive, Rolf, Matilda, Germaine, Baby boy, Baby girl, Twins Kylie and Jason )

Wild Animals

( Item no. 3132, 2010 Epoch Original Sylvanian Families Italian catalogue. Italian edition. )


There are some slightly different versions of this Family, due to the different ages of releasing.

The first Edition was by “Tomy” in 1995 and had not jointed Babies.

The “Epoch” Italian Kangaroos have a different shape from “Flair” Kangaroos, in the picture below, while are similar to the Kangaroo Family from the “Epoch” Japanese line. Anyway every editions they all wear the same clothes.

Flair Sylvanian Games “Winners Set” :

cousin Suraya Blackberry,

cousin Jocelyn Springer,

cousin Adam Maces.

( Item no.3408, 2009 Epoch Original Sylvanian Families Italian catalogue. Italian edition. )


( Ref. no. 3350, 2010 Epoch Original Sylvanian Families Italian catalogue. Italian edition. )


Billabong Koala were released for the first time in U.K. and in U.S. in 1994.  Billabong Koala have a different shape from the Koala released by “Epoch” for the Japanese Sylvanian Families line and from the new Koala Family.

UK: Bamboo Panda

( Kane, Bertram, Alexandra, Clarice)


US: Wilder Panda

( Phillip, Percival, Penelope, Priscilla )


IT: Panda






UK: Robinson Red Panda


( Wilbur, Fliss, Frances, Baby Girl Cali )

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Auntie Violet and Uncle Vincent Beaufort came from the “Flair” “Ice-Cream Van Driver and Vendor set”. The Baby Girl in the picture above was in a “Carry Case”.

UK: Beaufort Polar Bears


( Valentine, Sven, Vania, Verity, Twins Victor and Victoria )

( Item no. 4771, 2012 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

( Item no. 4288, 2012 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

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