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Timbertop Brown Bears


( Bud, Birch, Taylor, Rose, Ivy, Daisy, Baby Boy Burl )


“Flair” Collectors Edition Timbertop Bear Family.



The Timbertop Bears were released for the first time in 1985. They are one of the very first Sylvanian Families.


U.K. Marmalade Bears


( Oscar, Maurice, Margot, Ottilee, Baby Boy Kit, Baby Girl Karenza )


UK: Bearbury Bears


( Oliver, Henry, Yvonne, Angeles, Baby Boy Harry, Baby Girl Harriet )


IT: Orsi grigi


( Oliver, Bruno, Angela, Olivia, Baby Boy Benjamin, Baby Girl Carole )


There are a UK Tomy and a UK Flair editions of the same Marmalade Bear Family, and also a US Calico Critters Marmalade Bears version that has the Petite Bears mould and also a twins set.

In Italy the same Bear Family as the UK/US Porridge/Sugar Bear Family is called “Marmalade Bear Family”.

Petite Bears


( Piers, Patrick, Margaret, Andromeda, Twins Freddy & Halley )



Above, the “Flair” Sylvanian Families “A visit to the Dress Shop” set.

The Baby Boy is from a “Epoch” “Carry Case”.





Above on the left a Henry Bearbury version from the “Flair” Sylvanian Families “School Music Lesson” set.

On the right a “Angeles, Oliver and Harriet” party version from the “Flair” “Birthday Celebration” set.






Above on the left Yvonne and Harriet Bearbury version from the Sylvanian Families UK “Stroll in the Park” set.

On the right a slightly different Baby Girl from a newer “UK Flair” “Delightful Duo Carry Case” set.

In the middle a Epoch picture of Henry and Harry Bearbury from the “Music Time with Father” set (from the same releasing year of the “Stroll in the Park set”).  Below on the left the “Bus Driver and Conductor” set with Olive and Stan. This set is from the same releasing period of the “Birthday Celebration” set with children, and Olive and Stan could be their Parents, or Aunt and Uncle.






Above the 2006 Epoch EU SF Bearbury Bears version (“Grey Bears”): from left to right and up to down: the “Grey Bears Grandparents”; “Alex rides his bike” set; Angela from the EU Sylvanian Families “Kitchen & Mamma Angela” set; Bruno from the EU Sylvanian Families “Papa Bruno & Dining Room” set. On the right the EU “Grey Bears Twins Babies”.






( Item no. 4839. U.K. Flair catalogue. )

( Item n.3377, 1992 U.K. Tomy UK Ltd catalogue. )

( Item no. 4073, 2003 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

( Item no. 4314, U.K. Flair catalogue. )

A Sister figure from the “Teacher and Students Set”, right,  that was from an old “School with Library” release.

This Sister figure was from the “School Field Trip Set”, on the right, that was available in Flair “Hilltop Manor”.

The Twins were from the Epoch EU catalogue, (above).

( Item no. 3203,  Epoch catalogue.  )

( Ref. no. 3350, 2010, Epoch italian catalogue. Italian Edition. )

( Ref. no. 4393, 2010 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

( 2004 U.K. Flair catalogue. Epoch picture )

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