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Chantilly Cats


( Baby Boy Jacques, Maurice, Christian, Myriam, Baby Girls )

Gwendolyn has a beautiful party dress ( pictured behind her ) with which she goes to parties with her brother, Glynn. They were available in the Flair Sylvanian Families “Party Set” ( “Epoch Flair” picture below ). In the picture above Gwendolyn is wearing a dress  from the “Sylvanian Families Negozio Country Market” ( from Italian Epoch catalogue, item n. 2770 ).



( 2010 U.K. Flair catalogue. Maurice: set no. 4869. Myriam and Jaques: set no. 4333. Christian: set no. 4332 (2003). Baby Girl: set no. 4508, below. Carry Case: Ref. no. 4391. )


( Glynn & Gwendolyn item no. 4442, 2010 U.K. Flair catalogue.

In this picture Gwendolyn is not wearing the original dress of her figure.

Suzette: 2000 Epoch Co. Ltd catalogue. )

( 2000 Epoch Co. Ltd. Catalogue. )

Suzette Simpkins was from Flair “Bazil & Suzette Bakery Set”. These two figures are available with the “Regency Hotel” from 2011//2014 U.K. Epoch Catalogue.



Simpkins Cats


( Glynn, Suzette, Gwendolyn )

( Item no. 4508, 2010 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

Chantilly and Doughty Babies from “Carry Case”.

Myriam and Jacques are also in Italian catalogue Original Sylvanian Families Epoch 2014, in the “Corredo Bebè” set, item no.2234. The standing Baby Girl Chantilly was available in “Flair” “Rainbow Nursery Figures Set“ ( picture below ).

The sitting Baby Girl Chantilly on the right was from a “Carry Case” ( picture below ).


Glynn and Gwendolyn in Party Set were also in the Italian catalogue

Original Sylvanian Families Epoch (2011) 2014, item no.2231.

( Ref. no.4391, 2004 Flair Catalogue. )


Cream Cats Wedding Couple, Tilly and Dillon Fellini, from Tomy “Newlywed’s Cottage”.


( Item no. 4354, 2006 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

The sister Esme Chantilly was from the “Flair” U.K. “Esme’s Camping Set”.


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