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Maybe one day will be produced some similar figures.

But the Sylvanian-like Families in this page are definately created by fantasy on only.

They are supposed to be some other Hamsters House Neighbours and Friends,

and they’ve never been produced nor merchandised, so it is not possible to find them in shops.

Maybe “Mr Epoch” will produce them one day?

“Rossabeti” ( “Nicepruce” ) Red Squirrels ( Sciurus Vulgaris )

“Saltispera” ( “Jumpenhop” ) Lemur ( Lemur Catta )

“Beijouxs” Black and White Mice

“Scavarditi” ( “Bravendiggin” ) European Hamsters ( Cricetus Cricetus )

“Jack” German Sheperds

Nicepruce Squirrels attend to responsible silvicolture and sustainability of resources.

Jumpenhop Cattas attend to environmental sustainability and biodiversity, and try saving Madagascar’s forests.

Bravendiggin European Wild Hamsters attend to environmentally friendly and organic farming.

Beijouxs Mice attend to the rights of living beings.

Jack German Sheperds try to help dogs, cats and other animals who need a home.

Gallery 2Some prototypes of “Hamsters House” Friends.

“Liquoriz” Black and Tan Rabbits

“Liquoriz” Rabbits work all day to preserve the Amazonian Forest and the other Nature’s sanctuaries.

The searching for the Sympkins Cat Father and
Brighteyes Rabbit Father ( never released figures ).
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