Sylvanian Families & Calico Critters

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Sylvanian Families Field View Mill” Flair, item no. 4737.

Foto Flair Epoch Sylvanian Families.                                


( Epoch Original Sylvanian Families Italian catalogue, sets with furniture: Otto no. 2100,

 2009; Boris no. 2103, 2006; Flora no.2504, 2009; Carla no.2104, 2009. Italian Edition. )


The Periwinkle Grandparents in the picture above on the left, Mack e Mabel, were available in some limited edition of Sylvanian Families “Field View Mill” ( Flair ), above on the right.

Below two previous editions of the Milk Rabbits Grandparents: “Periwinkle” from “Flair” U.K. and “Milk” from Epoch EU.

This Periwinkle Wedding Couple was available in Sylvanian Families “Wedding Chapel with Bride and Groom”, 2006 Flair catalogue, item no.4971 ( Flair ), now discontinued.

They wear the same suit of clothes as the “Cream Cats Dante Wedding Couple”.

The same Wedding Chapel is in the “Calico Critters” 2005 Int. Playthings catalogue, within the “Wedding Day Set”, item no.2180, but this set does not include any figure.


( Item no. 3144, 2012 Epoch Original Sylvanian Families Italian catalogue ( cat. EU 2009 ). Italian Edition. )

( Item no. 4737, U.K. Flair catalogue. )

( Item no. 4971, Flair catalogue. )

UK: Periwinkle Rabbits

(From the left to the right:

Boris, Otto, Barry, Carla, Flora - except for Barry, these are the Italian names of Boy, Father, Mother and Girl, that are the same figures as “Flair” Oliver, Alex, Kate, Rebecca - Flair U.K. Baby Boy Jamie, Flair U.K. Baby Girl Hannah, Epoch Italian version Twins, Epoch Italian sitting Baby Boy Robbie, Epoch Italian Baby Girl Saskia)

US: Buttermilk Rabbits

IT: Conigli Latte ( Milk Rabbits )




Barry Periwinkle, in the middle, is from the “Flair” set “School Sports Day”.

Milk Rabbits were released for the first time in Japan in 2002, and there are a lot of different versions and figures of this family.

Milk Rabbit Family is also in italian catalogue Original Sylvanian Families Epoch (2011) 2012.

Below on the left, the Italian Milk 2009 version, whose characters were sold with some furniture, on the right the new Italian 2012 version.

( Item no. 4580, 2011 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

Flair “Bridemaids Set”.

( Item no. 5010, 2012 Original Sylvanian Families Epoch Italian Catalogue. Italian Edition. )

Milk Rabbit Sister only available with some European Epoch “Sylvanian Families” puzzles.

Baby Girl Buttermilk from a “Carry Case” International Playthings, Inc.







( Item# CC1965, 2009 International Playthings, Inc. “Calico Critters” catalogue. )


( Item no. 1567, 2012 Original Sylvanian Families Epoch Italian Catalogue. Italian Edition. )


Rabbits 3

( Item no. 3161, 2006 EU Epoch Original Sylvanian Families Italian catalogue. Italian Edition. )

( Ref. no. 3499, 2012 Original Sylvanian Families Epoch Italian Catalogue. Italian Edition. )

Baby Girl Milk from a EU/IT Epoch “Carry Case”.







Epoch “Babies Ride and Play” set.

This is the same set as “Calico Critters Apple and Jake’s ride n play”. The Rabbit Baby is Apple, Squirrel Baby is Jake, the Rabbit Mother is named Gwyneth.

The “Wedding Celebration Set” with wedding couple Catherine and William, the reverend Kelvin Waters, bridesmaids Louise e Amelia, pageboy James.


( Item no. 4716, 2011 U.K. Flair catalogue. )

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